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DIY: Easy Faux Stained Glass


The other weekend we visited my husband’s crafty cousin Wes. I call him crafty cousin Wes because he’s very artistic and  can make just about anything. I saw this beautiful stained glass window hanging in his kitchen window and asked him where he got it. When he told me that he made it, I assumed…

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Spotted: An Inexpensive Fix for Laminate Counter Tops


Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook shared her inexpensive laundry room makeover and all I can say is “Wow!” Image from Little Green Notebook My absolute favorite part of the makeover – how she transformed the countertops from light green laminate to concrete using concrete overlay – a $15 fix. Go to Little Green Notebook…

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Decorating with Free Tchotchkes


I love how a “finished” room looks and often admire all the little “extras” that make the room feel layered and collected over time. I don’t, however, like buying tchotchkes. I have a really hard time spending $20+ on a little shelf piece that has no function, which is why I love finding ways to…

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How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets


  I’ve been wanting to remodel our kitchen since we moved here 9 years ago. We even saved up for it, got estimates and measurements and almost pulled the trigger in 2008, before the economy took a nose-dive. I work in the financial industry and at the time, there was so much uncertainty around my…

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How to Hang A Large Sign


I’ve been contemplating what to hang over the bed in Chase’s room for a while. I waffled between a picture grouping, poster, or DIY a large sign. When I was passing through HomeGoods the other day, I stumbled across this large sign that I thought would be perfect. It went with the colors in his…

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DIY Chalkboard With Trim


I’ll be clueing you into a little kitchen project I tackled over Spring break but thought I start with this little update. About 2 years ago, I decided to replace an old beer sign/chalkboard we had on the end cap of our U shaped kitchen with something a little more “kitchen-y” and a little less…

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Revive With Paint: 10 DIY Spray Paint Projects


One of the quickest, easiest and most POW-worthy diy tricks is a fresh coat of paint. So, before you decide to replace an outdated or boring item, imagine how it would look in a fun color and grab a can of spray paint. I’ve compiled a few items that went from blah to BAM with…

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Bling, Bling: Hardware Store Jewelry


Where do you buy your jewelry…Lowes? Sounds like a taunt you might hear on a middle school bus.  But don’t kid..I’ll be proudly wearing my faux-gold bracelet. I pinned this project to Pinterest almost a year ago. It originated from the fabulous Centsational Girl, Kate and every time I  peruse my Pinterest boards, I think…

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Charlotte’s Web Themed Birthday Party


We had a fun weekend that included a couple inches of snow (which promptly melted the next day, yielding to 50 degree temps – gotta love the South) and a 1st birthday celebration for our sweet niece, Charlotte. My talented and amazing sister-in-law planned this cute Charlotte’s Web themed party that I just had to…

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DIY Plastic Animal Bookends


This is a super easy project that costs very little and doesn’t take much time. In fact, the most time consuming part is waiting for the paint to dry. I started with an old bookend that had been dropped and broken. If you don’t have an old bookend, you can easily make this with two…

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