Ikea Hacks I Love

My favorite thing about Ikea pieces, other than the price, is that they are so transitional. With a little imagination, you can turn a kitchen cabinet into a window seat or  banquette. Add some new hardware and you can turn a plain jane wood nightstand into a stylish storage piece. Want the look of built in cabinets, buy a few Ikea bookcases, add some trim and you have the look of custom built-ins without the budget-breaking price.

Here are a few of my favorite Ikea projects I’ve seen around the web.

Image via Ikea.com


At only $34.99, the Ikea Rast 3 drawer chest offers plenty of storage and is the perfect size for a nightstand. Add a little paint, some new hardware and a little trim for a stylish interpretation of your own.

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image via Ikea.com


Rugs can add a much needed point of interest or pop of color to a room, but they can also be budget breakers. Using the 5  X 8 Erslev rug, at only $59.99, and a little paint and a stencil, the images below show how the designers got a lot of bang for a little buck.


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image via Ikea.com


For $59.99, this Ikea expedit shelving unit offers a nice amount of storage. Turn your head at an angle and see its potential as a window seat.


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image via Ikea.com


At $49.99 for the white version, the Billy bookcase is one of my favorite Ikea pieces. My favorite hacks lately, are ones where folks have added trim and a little paint to make these bookcases look less manufactured and more custom.


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Finally, my Ikea hack muse, and one I am so doing when we finally re-do our kitchen, Audrey and Lindsay use the Ikea Lidingo kitchen cabinets to make this banquette. Love.




What are your favorite Ikea hacks?

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4 Responses to Ikea Hacks I Love
  1. Mindy
    June 16, 2012 |

    Oooh, I’m gonna go check out the rugs. That’s the one we got for Baby’s room. A white rug with three kids, a cat, a dog, and a husband?!?!? What the hell was I thinking?

  2. Angela @ Our Family Journey
    June 20, 2012 |

    I love all the Ikea hacks you selected. I have the bookcases on my list of things to do. I just need to get over my experience of trying to paint laminate furniture first then it’s on! I’m looking forward to seeing what you decided to do with your chairs!?!

    • I read your comment about painting laminate. I was thinking the easiest thing to do would be to not attach the backs of the book shelves…just paint the wall first…then the color will show through. That may have been mentioned in each bookcase post, but thought I’d comment on it. I have three Billys being shipped to me right now! Woot!

  3. Alex Quinn
    July 5, 2012 |

    I really like the perspective you can see with each item. Never saw with my eye the usefulness in each of their products. I really like what you did with your window bench though. I recently just made a bench within my bay window, and it is my favorite investment I put into my new house.

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