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Slowly but slowly we are making progress on our dining room transformation to home office. If you recall from this post, our dining room looked like this on a typical day:

Burnt out light bulb, coats hanging over the chairs, boxes, and mail scattered about the table top. It had morphed from an unused room to a suitable dumping ground for any and everything.

Since we weren’t using it for dining except on Thanksgiving, we figured we should put it to better use than a catch-all room. We thought about turning into a playroom but then Chad suggested it might be better suited for a home office. And by golly, he was right (does anyone say ‘by golly’ anymore, or was it cancelled along with the Andy Griffith Show).

Anyway, In the past two weeks, we have sold the dining chairs, and bought fabric for curtains at a great discount fabric store to get the ball rolling. This week I wanted to tackled taking the existing table apart and putting it in the attic and get the cable company to add a cable for our modem in the dining room. Easy enough, right?

When you have these things typed on your to-do list, they look like easy-enough 15-30 minute projects. When you actually start the work, you realize they are a little more involved.

For starters, the cable guy called to say he would be 20 minutes late, 2 hours later and minutes before I had to leave to take the kids to swim lessons, he showed up. Fortunately, he said it wouldn’t take him long to run the new cable because the area was easily assessible through the crawl space and he just need to drill a hole in the floor.

The table has proven to be a little more of a challenge. For starters, it is solid mahagony and it is HEAVY. We wanted to turn it over to figure out how we could take it apart to make it easy to store in the attic.

After flipping it over, and nearly missing my toe,  we unlocked the sliding mechanism to see if we could just slide it apart.

It didn’t pull completely apart like we hoped so we used the electric screw driver to remove the screws in the slide and remove the slides from the table. I put the original screws in a zip lock bag and taped them to the underside of the table to keep up with them.

I’d like to note here that the wood on the underside of the table is so smooth and so beautiful I started rethinking whether we should refinish the top of the table and keep the room as a dining room. But then I snapped back to reality and remembered that in 7 years in this house, we’ve used the dining room 7 times…maybe… and as a home office, we’ll use it every day.

The sliders were so easy to remove, I decided that I should remove the legs as well. Unfortunatley, those bad boys are glued on like Donkey Kong (I have no idea what that means). Even though I removed all 24 screws and put all my weight against the legs, they would not budge. Well, one leg budged. The others stood like stone statues. So now we have 2 pieces, each with the 2 legs attached and then the sliders. We will have to get some muscle over here to help Chad lug it up into the attic…any takers?

Once the table is in the attic, I plan to start painting the trim, walls, and bookcases I scored on Craigslist. This could take a while but as long as I break the to-do list into small, manageable pieces and knock one or two things off the list per week, I feel like we are making progress. My goal is to have it painted completed by September. We’ll see how that goes 😉

I just keep looking at these inspiration photos to keep me motivated…one day…one day…

Source: houzz.com via Crystal on Pinterest


Source: niagaranovice.blogspot.com via Crystal on Pinterest

Have you tackled any room makeover projects that took longer than you expected? Was it the little things (like moving cables and taking apart furniture) that tripped you up? How long did it take for you to re-do one room?

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2 Responses to Home Office Progress
  1. I absolutely think this is a great idea! I work as a Home Stager and know that when it comes time for you to sell, you’ll have to put it back as a dining room, but for your own ‘living’, it makes perfect sense! I think it will look amazing!

    Every single project I have ever tackled, in my own house or professionally, has taken longer than expected. Every one!

  2. Robin
    July 11, 2011 |

    I’m anxious to see how you transform the room. I want to do the exact thing to my dining room and so far all I have done is ‘thought’ about it LOL. Staying tuned to see how you make the transition from dining room to office.

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