DIY: Easy Faux Stained Glass

The other weekend we visited my husband’s crafty cousin Wes. I call him crafty cousin Wes because he’s very artistic and  can make just about anything.

I saw this beautiful stained glass window hanging in his kitchen window and asked him where he got it. When he told me that he made it, I assumed he meant by scoring glass and using a soldering iron.


But then he told me it was fake stained glass. Say what? He had found several old windows in his attic and decided to do something with them. He went to Michael’s craft store and bought glass paint and self-adhesive lead strip.



Just draw your picture in with a marker and then color in the lines with glass paint. Add the self-adhesive lead strip to your marker lines and admire your hand work.


I love that Wes did this using an old window because it makes it look authentic. However, you could do this on a glass picture frame as well.

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2 Responses to DIY: Easy Faux Stained Glass
  1. Mindy
    October 8, 2013 |

    I’ve looked at that stuff at the craft store 500 times and just have never bit the bullet and bought some. Pretty cool.

  2. Diego Tolomelli
    October 9, 2013 |

    Fun faux stained glass. Nice results. Surprisingly though the real thing isn’t impossible to learn and make in a week, and it lasts forever, and makes an unmistakeable impact. In terms of limited time and a small budget – combining a course whilst having a cultural/educational holiday for the family could be just the answer.

    A week long intensive course (with free accommodation and food) in Italy at under $1000 – how does that sound?
    And what you can achieve in a week!

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