A Bird In the Hand… Is Worth Four In the Fern?

One item on our punch list for spiffing up the yard and enhancing curb appeal was to hang ferns on our front porch.




Every year, early Spring, Lowe’s usually has their ferns on sale for $7.50 each. So, I usually scoop up 4 to hang across the front of our house and a few for the deck.


And every year, birds thank me for buying them 4 new homes. I have nothing against birds. I love them; love watching them; bought a bird feeder for them. But they destroy my ferns. So, I would like for them to take up residence somewhere else, like in one of the 50 some trees and bushes in our yard.

After doing a little research on how to keep birds out of your ferns, I chose not one, but two ideas. One was to place a plastic fork in the fern. The theory is that this will make it uncomfortable for mamma bird to land and make her nest.

The other strategy was to place a ball of aluminum foil in the fern. Not only does it take up space but the reflection is thought to keep birds away.

Yeah, well, neither worked. Mama bird ignored my thinly veiled deterrents and made her nest in an empty spot.

And now that they are there, I can’t move them without a permit due to the Migratory Bird Treaty. You’re welcomed birds.

How do you keep birds out of your ferns?

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2 Responses to A Bird In the Hand… Is Worth Four In the Fern?
  1. LP
    April 3, 2012 |

    I love the nestled birds’ nest!!

    We have a bird’s nest in the corner of our bathroom window. Every year the nest stays and every year a bird returns and our children love it. We especially love to spy on the eggs by stealthily sneaking up on either the mama bird or just peeking at the gorgeous robin blue eggs! Sometimes we can peek without her noticing, but most times she flies away and banters at us about disturbing her. I hope she is back soon.
    Enjoy your little nest.

  2. Rebecca
    April 4, 2012 |

    That is too funny! I used to think bird’s nests were so adorable until a pigeon nested in a plant on our balcony, and created a HUGE mess. So I understand why you tried to keep them away. What kind of birds are they? Anything has to be better than a pigeon (aka, rat with wings).

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